update: the previously mentioned binocular lens seems to be too wide. It needs to be very close to the camera to obtain infinity focus. So close that I won't be able to fit a shutter/aperature between it and the camera. I've been trying to buy as many cheap lenses on ebay as possible to disassemble in hopes of finding the right lens element. I got a hold of a large format kodak anastigmat lens. Before I crack it open, I'm wondering if it would be of more value to this project if left alone, and simply mounted on a shutter and then to my camera. I'd also probably buy one of those diffusion disk sets from either the rb67 SF lens or an imagon and rig those up to work in the anastigmat somehow. If I read correctly, the anastigmat I bought should be a simple 4 element, 2 group lens. Based on that, it should give me results similar to, although not identical to, the 2 element imagon, correct? Are there any significant differences that I'll see between the two?