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    Quote Originally Posted by mhcfires View Post
    Murphy's law insists that the best frames will be the ones most damaged.
    But then that will make them even better, they will transcend "best" and become legendary. Anyone can make a great photo (at least once in a while) but only a very few exceptional photos will actually have a story behind them.

    Show me an excellent photograph and I will nod politely and try not to yawn. Show me a photo which is poorly composed, out-of-focus, badly scratched and ragged around the edges but has a story behind it and you have my attention.
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    Hi, glad things are not as bad as they could have been.

    It would be a good idea to inspect your glass periodically for mould though, especially after a spell of damp weather - bellows and other parts can hold countless spores and they could affect any of your lenses from now on. Catching it early is crucial.

    Your repairer will have treated what he could reach with fungicide but it just isn't possible to cover everywhere spores can settle.

    It's good policy to check your glass frequently anyway - even without a dunking - spores are all around us, all the time, just waiting to get you.

    Don't have nightmares...

    And Happy Holidays!

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