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    Polaroid 120 to 4x5

    Hello all,

    this is my first post at APUG after long period of reading. First I would like to thank you all for such nice and informative forum. I have realy learned a lot.

    Now to question. I have this nice "Polaroid Pathfinder 120" land camera that I would like to covver to 4x5 or possible 6x12 format, I havent decided yet. I have collected some guides and got some know-how from the net but I still have a few questions.

    - As for me in Europe is to expensive to get the Graflok back, can I use Sinar back? I have old Sinar Norma back that I can sacrifice

    - Is it possible to change the lens on this land cameras with something like Linhof lenses?

    I think this is it for now, I am sure that it will come more questions and I will share my knowlage with you as my project develops.


    I am sorry for spelling mistakes...

    Best regards

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    I bought a Mamiya RB 67 revolving back adapter from KEH and it had the sliding locks on it. got it AS-IS for less than $20. Whether you could adapt something like that I don't know. It is limited to 6X7 though.

    Mounting a lens isn't difficult it's getting the focus set up. I did this once with a Polaroid & it was just annoying to fiddle with setting infinity. To use more than one lens you would have to have movable infinity stops like a graflex
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