Chamonix sells a rail extension so a 450mm lens can be focused to infinity on the 45N-1... the Fuji 450-C and others a bit closer. However, the standard bellows is stretched fairly tight when all the way out.

Has anyone considered adding a small 3-4 inch bag bellows to the front of the standard bellows. This would be done by carefully removing the front mount from the original bellows, making a small bag bellows from kid leather (sewn light-tight), then glueing the bag between the original bellows and the mount. This not only would take strain off of the pleated bellows but also allow movements.

I realize this is not an original idea... other camera/bellows manufacturers have been doing this for awhile now. I just wondered if anyone here has thought of trying this mod to the Chamonix 45N-1 or any other pleated bellows. And if they've done the mod... how difficult and successful was it?

I also know that Chamonix offers a very reasonably priced synthetic "universal" bellows for a mere $90... but I think shipping from China will be prohibitive.