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The K1000, KM & KX are all supposed to be derivations of the Spotmatic line, while the K2 should be from the ES line. The KM, KX & K2 came first, then the K1000. I would expect the K1000 to share almost all parts with the KM and KX. Unfortunately I don't know whether any internal parts were changed when the K line was released, so I'm not sure how compatible Spotmatic parts will be with the K series.
From a downloaded repair PDF, it stated that beyond the exposure meter, the shutter and transport system was familiar thru out the system, even in the ES line except for fully automatic shutter speed control. It also notes that the K1000 was a good representative for study as one would be servicing many variations of the same camera. I can't copy the text in the PDF for some reason, but it does seem to refer that they are all considered Spotmatics?

On looking at the body spec's, the K1000, KM and KX are practically the same.