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    Problems unloading the film on kiev-19


    so, i've got this problem: i can't open the back part of the camera (where you load the film)...

    So, the context of this problem is: i bought the Kiev-19 from eBay, and when i received it, i started "taking" pictures right away, because i thought there was a film already installed in the camera... i thought this because everything seemed to point to that fact (espeacially because the picture counter kept going, eveytime i "took" a photo)
    So, when the counter gets to the 36th photo, and i thought that the film had ended, i tried to unload the film... i clicked in the tape transport mechanism release button, so that the back would open... but it didn't! i took some more photos and the counter was still in the 36th photo. i realized "oh well, there's no film inside!"

    that was already disturbing enough, but then i tried "to move on" and focus on opening the back, putting a new film and forget about the 36 pictures i had already "taken"... but, the thing is that now i can't open the back... i keep clicking on the button, i keep pushing the back, and i can't get it open...

    can someone tell me how to do so?
    i suspect something got locked inside the camera, due to the fact of me being "taking" pictures without a film inside...
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