Look at below Henri Chretien Patent dated 1928 no :1829633.


If link does not work , you can reach to the document with patent number on google patents.

Its a anamorphic lens made from parallel two cylinderical lens elements , first have two positive surfaces , second have two negative surfaces.

I want to design such a large format lens out of acrylic or acrylic and styrene lenses.

Production method is to cut the surfaces with water jet from one piece or two piece transparent plastic block.

I dont have any kind of experience on zemax or oslo and I want the software optimize it for me. I could not find any information on creating cylinderical lenses on software and I have no idea that software does the all , automatically.

I dont know also acrylic or acrylic styrene combination works but

Acrylic have 1.492 index on 587.6 and abbe 57.4

Styrene have 1.590 index on 587.6 and abbe 31.1

I thought styrene can be used as flint and acrylic as crown.

Any advise , help is very welcome.