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    Bessa R3a shutter issue - solution

    Dear all,

    I would like just to share quickly an issue that i encountered with my bessa R3a.

    1 month ago, the shutter button stop to work ! Arrghh, i was thinking about battery life because it's a R3a, that means if battery is dead, then the shutter button doesn't work. I have earned new battery, problem was still the same. I was able to shoot if i was in manual and if i pressed very quickly on the button. If i was pressing at middle stage to take light measurment, then, the shutter didn't work.

    I have called the supplier in my country and he said that i have to send it to the factory for one or two months because it should be a problem with the shutter mechanism of the button.

    After searching and searching on the net some explanation before to ship i have found a great explanation on battery !

    Some manufacturers makes battery a little bit thiner than the standard (here it's LR44). So, i have been in a new shop and take the most expensive (5€ per battery), put them in place and then, it works !! It seems that my first purchase was not the good brand.

    So folks, if like me you are struggling one day with your shutter button, just check two times the battery..

    Hope it will help one day


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    Aluminum foil can be very handy here. Make sure those contacts are secure and cleaning them occasionally will be wise. Tres bien, Rom. - David Lyga

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    I actually had this exact same problem with an R3a a few weeks ago. My battery died and I bought some generic button cells that were supposed to be the same as an LR44.

    After inserting them the shutter didn't always fire when I pressed the release. It would only work after every third press on the button or so.

    I thought there was something wrong with the camera. The next day I was fishing around in an old kitchen cabinet I found some Energizer brand LR44's and put them in and the camera works perfectly again. When I put the two batteries on a table side by side you can tell that the name brand button cells are just veeeeery slightly thicker which I guess makes a better contact when inserted in the camera.

    Something to watch out for I guess.

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    Oftentimes there is some sort of a "spring" on the bottom of the battery compartment, or on its cover. With some care I think one can gently raise it so that it correctly pushes the batteries against the other contact.
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