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    John ,

    World is not different , a million of people died at earthquakes , At Iraq , 2.5 million died , at Afghanistan ,
    I dont know , At New York 3000 died in few hours , At Vietnam 9 million died. There is millions lost at Africa.
    I dont know the others. Hollywood made Nicholas Cage as heroic illegal rich smart Weapons Seller movie at the end. What about Japan , Indonesia , China , India ? After few days , CNN stops the news.
    Buy a expensive IPHONE and shut up , where is the movies , news , newspapers , all talk about how Obama is an intellectual guy , they gave him Nobel Peace Prize in his 3th month and he generously and shamelessly accepted it.
    Buy your DSLR and go to Europe , join a tourist attraction and you must shut up or we do know what to do.
    There is immense pressure on intellectuals and propaganda to sleepers.
    In Turkey , they say all of our intellectuals are traders , you bet.

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    i don't know umut

    i think the world is very different than it was in 1915.
    we are in a modern post industrial age, the computer age
    where we can call anyone anywhere and see anything anywhere
    in a moment.
    it doesn't take 8 weeks to travel by steamship across the globe just a matter of a day ...
    and atrocities and horrors of war are discovered ... and investigated ..

    the dadaists and their anti-art was a statement against world war 1
    bauhaus, deSijl, the russian constructavists and many others were all making art to celebrate
    the machine and mass production, abstraction and in some cases abstractions based on religion.

    there isn't much of that going on these days. outside of 'art school'

    much of the world is in the 30 second sound byte cycle ( and advertisements are also soundbytes ) ... art is confused for info-tainment ....

    the images, the art forms that were made in those days ( the years between ww1 + 2 ) reflect on the times.
    many artists were revolting against the system, the patriarchal system the " beautiful paintings"
    of the 19th century, and they were angry about what was going on in europe and
    the countries engrossed ww1, and the crumbling of empires in anatolia and russia ...
    these days most of the art is just a re-hashing of something old .... and then there is 15mins
    of viral you tube buzz around it ... and that's it. sure people may be angry about
    the current state of the world and world politics, but they don't invent artforms as a result ...
    between ww1 + ww2 graphic design as we know it was pretty much invented, and cinema painting, and photography were re-invented to a certain extant ...

    i know some of the things you speak of in your country, and some of it reflects on what was going on
    in the first quarter of the 20th century when the world was being re-organized at the expense of humanity.

    the wars, situations and conflicts you mentioned are different than what happened almost 100 years ago,
    back then there was no immediate news coverage with a cellphone,
    unfortunately there were just words and still images
    that could easily be denied for a long long time ... not an instant authenticated digital feed ...
    if there were cellphones and immediate coverage back in the days of the dadaists and world war 1,
    the world would have evolved into a different place.

    in many ways dynamic cinema is "anti cinema" the same way dada art was "anti-art"
    ... fruit from the same tree
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    Dynamic Frame has nothing to do with split or multiscreen and yes it is sometimes

    used in commercials but not really in feature Films, the public quiet simply wouldn't accept it neither would the critics. As a visual tool it's quiet effective. The new MTV Generation might accept it, 2 cuts per scene one in form of a change in frame size and the other as jump or slam cut sort of hyper MTV 2 seconds scenes. Roman Polanski used a sort of Dynamic Frame in Rosemary's Baby using the door frame as actual frame (more or less instant vertical frame) and the white wall on left as empty space.But then again Polanski was a graduate of Lodz Film School and was probably aware of Eisenstein's teachings. Another must see Soviet director was Dziga Vertov (camera eye/lens sees more than the human eye). During the 1920's German and Soviet Films were mostly superior to Hollywood productions. Even the Propaganda Filmss were visually better than Hollywood Movies. Today German Movies are for the most pure Dreck and Russian cinema tries to emulate Hollywood.

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