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    Sep 2011
    8x10 Format

    8x10 plate camera

    Hi people,
    after some days of researching and planing, I am going to build a wet plate camera. Archetype is this one here:



    Sure you all know those kind of cameras. I think the construction is not so hard to understand, the only thing I wrack my brain over is the question, how the backpart of the camera (opposite side to the part with the lense) is attached to the base. Do I place the backpart onto the base and only fix it with the screw which moves along the guidance?
    See here:


    I'm not sure about that. Isn't it a little bit instable? Or maybe I just don't get the construction... Anyway, would be great, if you guys could help me out with that. maybe someone got some pictures which make it clear.
    Thanks so far and best greetings from Berlin.

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    X. Phot.
    Here's a website that shows numerous models of camera by different manufactures. The manufacturers can be selected with the menu on the left side of the web page. Cameras are listed at the bottom of each manufacturer's page. Click on a camera to see detailed images for each. By far my favorite web site.


    My first 8x10 was very similar. I built it around an 8x10 film holder. Since the camera was used on a tripod I tightened the rear standard to the rail with a threaded knob from the bottom. That configuration was simple and very stable . . . but far from elegant.

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    Sep 2011
    8x10 Format
    guys, I am asking you for help. I found several constructions about how to build a bellow, not hard to understand. in the internet there is one picture of a bellow which looks different than all the other ones i have seen, especially according to the construction of its edge. does anybody have an idea, how to build that one?
    thanks, jan
    p.s.: please put a www in front of the links, due I did not post enough to attach links. sorry for that.



    here you can compare it with an usual bellow:




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