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Thread: Omega Rapid 100

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    Omega Rapid 100

    Omega Rapid 100

    I have a one piece Omega rapid 100 The magazine pressure plate stopped working on me the last time I shot a roll. So the pictures were basically out of focus . I soaked the pressure plate mechanism with light fluid and then blew it dry to clean out any dirt or gummed lubricant. And so far as I can see the pressure plate now moves against the film with the final stroke of the film transport plunger
    And yes in operation it really does sound like a round being chambered in to a gun
    . I am not a camera repair man so I have no idea of if and what I should lube the mechanism with.

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    Good morning, R. Molson;

    It sounds like you have accomplished the needed task. Getting the dirt and other stuff out is the main thing. There are some people who suggest that the main thing that oils do is attract dirt and dust. I do not totally agree. Anyway, one product that might help is a Molybdenum-di-Sulphide (MoS2) bearing product called "Dri-Slide." It has a high volatile carrier that evaporates leaving the MoS2 to provide a boundary layer lubricant. That might be something to put at the pivoting and sliding points of the film transport mechanism. There are other less readily available MoS2 products from the R. M. Hollingshead Company that will also work very well. One that I recall using in the past was a liquid that was painted on, and then the item was placed in an oven at a moderate temperature to bake the MoS2 onto the desired surfaces. It worked well. I really reduced the tendency of my 2-cycle racing engines to glue their pistons in the chrome plated bores of the aluminum cylinders.

    I do not have the Koni-Omega Rapid 100. I have the predecessor, the K-O Rapid-M, which is very much like the K-O Rapid 200. I will look at the magazines here and see if there are any obvious places where some sort of a lubricant should be placed.

    And, in a neighborhood where you may not feel comfortable being out at night, the sound of a Koni-Omega having its film advance mechanism worked smartly can give you at least a short term psychological advantage.

    Ralph Javins, Latte Land, Washington

    When they ask you; "How many Mega Pixels you got in your camera?"
    just tell them; "I use activated silver bromide crystals tor my image storage media."



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