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Dan, it's rare to see someone sharing my thoughts on process lenses.
Not entirely.

Process Nikkors and the equivalent lenses from Schneider (f/11 wide angle G-Clarons) are quite poor at distance. These are all, I think, 4/4 double Gauss types. It may be -- I'm not qualified to say -- that lenses of this design type optimized for close up don't hold their corrections well at distance. Come to think of it, I have a couple of 4/4 double Gauss types sold as general purpose taking lenses -- 80/6.3 WF Ektar, 100/6.3 WW Aristostigmat -- that I've never tried close up; perhaps I should.

Dialyte type process lenses, e.g., Apo-Artars, Apo-Nikkors, Apo-Ronars, Repro Clarons, can be very good at distance. So can heliar types (Apo Saphir, Apo Skopar) and some tessar types (Apotal, TTH tessar type "Copying Lens", Apo Nikkors, ...). So can plasmat types (G-Claron, Apo Gerogon). So can dagor types (G-Claron).

One problem is that if you test them with a lens chart they'll out perfom other lenses because that's what they are designed for - copying flat field artwork, but in real life conditions particularly towards infinity they fall behind quite rapidly.
I don't think so.