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    Resurrecting my dead thread with an exciting new Yashica Mat problem!

    Sidestory: While I was in the middle of fixing the 124g, I got the bright idea to source another Yashica Mat. One WTB post on bos Craigslist got me two problematic Yashica mats - a 124 and a EM. The 124 was serviceable, but the EM was considered to be parts only (crank grinds, feels loose, "it's hopeless"). Against the vast intelligence of the seller, I decided to work on the EM, because having three working TLR's would be pimp. But after a few hours tooling around on it, my puny brain could not handle the awesomeness that is the EM. The EM sat in the corner for four months.

    Lately, I had the itch to work on it, and I figured out half of it's problem. But I still have a grinding crank problem.

    It first started off like this: every time I cranked, it felt like there was a lot of resistance, and the pawls inside the crank housing felt like they were slipping (hence the grinding sound). I have taken the crank off (the whole board, so to speak) to reveal the cocking lever and lubed it up, and lubed up the sliding cocking mechanism on the outside of the shutter that the lever is interfaced with, making it somewhat better. But there's still too much resistance for the pawls unless I crank very slowly.

    Here's the deal: The pawls in the crank housing seem a little rounded, but fine overall. What gives?

    I'm thinking of filing the pawls back to their original pointy state. What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by food goes in my mouf View Post
    or figure out what else would make an acceptable substitute for a shim.
    Anything the same thickness as the one you still have.

    EDIT: I just realised how old the post I answered was!

    "People who say things won't work are a dime a dozen. People who figure out how to make things work are worth a fortune" - Dave Rat.

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