Large Format & the Digital Negative
Where: Photographers' Formulary Workshops in Montana
When: Sunday June 10 to Friday, June 15

This workshop will combine large-format photography with digital technology. The first two days will be spent learning to use a large-format camera. This will include how to setup, focus, calculate depth of field, calculate bellows extension for close-ups, reciprocity, and more. Day 3 will be devoted to developing large-format film negatives in the darkroom. Techniques will be taught that will enable you to develop negatives in a kitchen or bathroom sink using three chemicals and minimal equipment. During days 4 and 5 you will learn how to digitally enlarge the negatives you made the first three days of the workshop.

Participants will be required to bring a large format camera, tripod, exposure meter, and a laptop computer with Photoshop, CS3 or later.

Instructor: Steve Anchell is the author of The Darkroom Cookbook, The Variable Contrast Printing Manual, and co-author of The Film Developing Cookbook. Steve has been photographing since 1970. He is the former editor of Photovision and Focus Fine Art Photography magazines and currently writes for Rangefinder and Photo Technique magazines.