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    Wet Plate Collodion Workshop on Cape Cod

    Tintypes and Ambrotypes
    The Wetplate Collodion process workshop
    June 26 or 27 (Brewster, MA 02631 USA)

    Registration Required with at least 50% deposit. Deposit fully refundable until June 12. Full payment due by June 18. Only register where you plan to attend. Brewster workshops held at Packet Galleries, 311 Stony Brook Rd., Brewster, MA 02631 USA.

    Workshops run from 9AM-5PM. Participants are responsible for lunch. All other supplies are included.

    Please note this is a one-day workshop on any of the dates above. Only 10 participants per day will be allowed.

    Come spend the day learning the Wetplate Collodion Process with award winning photographer and instructor, Frank Lopez. Students will delve into the Tintype and Ambrotype techniques, the history behind the techniques, how to pour, shoot, develop and fix their own plates. Ambrotypes will be performed on black glass and Tintypes will be performed on blackened aluminum (a modern version of the Tintype). Workshop participants will walk away with two finished plates and knowledge to get started in this revived technique. There is a passionate revival in the 19th Century techniques and many artists and commercial photographers are working Wetplate photographers.

    For further information please visit: http://www.stangodwin.com/Classes.html
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