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    Gum Printing With Christina Z Anderson

    ]Gum Printing Then and Now
    August 5-10th, 2012

    Gum prints are essentially photographically controlled watercolors made in a 19th Century process called gum bichromate. Gum Arabic is mixed with watercolor paint and a photosensitive substance called ammonium dichromate, and painted onto watercolor paper. When exposed to light in contact with an enlarged negative, the gum Arabic hardens into an image that is “developed” in plain water. Where the light hits the least, the gum and pigment wash away, leaving the highlights of the image. The prints, when finished, are completely archival.

    For those of you wanting to delve into this process, from low tech to high tech, from monochrome to tricolor, from historical to contemporary, this is the class for you.

    Christina will guide you through the pleasures (and pitfalls) of the gum process from 1839 to the present day digital era. Bring your laptop equipped with Photoshop and digital photos; no need for large format negatives, as we will be creating digital negatives. Intermediate knowledge of Photoshop is necessary (sizing, sharpening, cropping, layers, curves). Be prepared for an intensive and creative week that will probably turn you into yet another “gum bichromaniac

    Bringing your own laptop is preferred but if not possible please contact us.

    Visit: http://www.workshopsinmt.com/Anderson-GumPrint-Aug.html
    Workshops in Montana 7079 Hwy 83 Condon MT 59826
    Call to inquire about our event - (800) 922-5255 or
    email: sherry@photoformulary.com

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    I have taken a workshop with Christina along with my wife and a friend and it was tons of fun.



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