Darkroom Skills – Printing Silver Gelatin Lith Photographs

You will learn to make 8x10 monochrome photographs on warm emulsion silver gelatin photographic papers in a traditional “wet” darkroom using lith printing techniques. If you are unfamiliar with lith printing you might visit http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/Lith/lith.html to learn more.

You will mix photographic chemistry and lay out your processing steps for this sometimes colorful and always interesting and unique printing process. You will learn how to estimate and then refine your print exposure to establish print highlights and how to judge the appropriate developing time to establish your print’s dark tones. You will evaluate your work to refine and improve results. You will learn to “dodge & burn”, paper flashing, and other techniques to affect your results. You will learn bleach & redevelopment and toning techniques to refine your prints and improve their archival stability. You will leave with quality lith prints suitable for framing.

Friday – Meet & Greet and Familiarization with Facilities & Equipment

Saturday – Lecture & Practice

Lab Procedures & Safety, Chemistry, Papers, Supplies.

Making a Contact Sheet & Using it to select a negative to print

A procedure to create your work print

Photograph Printing - Refining your print technique

Sunday – Lecture & Practice

Photograph Printing - Refining your print technique

Print Toning, Bleach & Redevelopment

Monday – Practice & Wrap up

Photograph Printing & Print Toning

What to Bring:

Notebook, pen/pencil, Willingness to learn, Patience

A more specific list of all equipment and materials needed will be sent to you via e-mail in advance of your course.

Be sure to specify which dates you would like to attend on this workshop.

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