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In 2004 I took the workshop "Psychological Portraits" with Antonin Kratochvil. It was -no hyperbole- a life-changing experience. Our class became an extended family as we learned together, ate together, consoled each other after K's brutal critiques, and really bonded with each other. One classmate has become a best friend; I still keep in touch with several others, and we still share our successes and trials.
I'm 55 years old, and this workshop was one of the major experiences of my life. Your mileage may vary. But don't miss anything, including David Lyman's lectures.
I'd go again if I could come up with the money.


Thanks for your information.
I am hopeful that my expreience will be similiar.
I am extremly fortunate, I have been awarded a scholarship to attend.
One thing I am looking forward to the most is being critiqued at such a high level.