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    Camera and Lens Making Workshop: 28 April 2007

    Another workshop as part of the f295 Symposium!

    Primitive Photography: Camera and Lens Making
    Instructor: Alan Greene

    Whether you’ve been considering exploring large-format photography and have been deterred by cost or are a long time large-format photographer looking for ways to expand your craft this workshop is for you! We’ll use optical surplus and materials commonly found in home improvement stores to build a fully functioning landscape lens and box camera that uses standard, commercially available, 8×10 film holders.

    In addition to the steps of construction, basic principles regarding format size and optical image formation will also be discussed. Participants will leave the workshop knowing how to use the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired to arrive at similar camera and lens design configurations for for use in other formats (4×5, 5×7, 11x14, 14x17, etc!).

    Limited to 12 participants. Sign up early so you don’t miss this great opportunity!

    Location: Society for Contemporary Craft
    Date: Saturday, 28 April 2007
    Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Cost: $90 ($80 SCC members) + fee for materials (approx $40)
    Registration: thestudio@contemporarycraft.org or phone (412) 261-7003

    Alan Greene is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Primitive Photography: A Guide to Making Cameras, Lenses and Calotypes”

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