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    Portland Photographers Forum announcing lower admission prices to Fanfaire!

    The Portland Photographers’ Forum has lower the admission fee to the three- day Photographers’ Fanfaire, November 2-4th 2007 at the University of Portland, Buckley Center. The new price to attend the event is now, $20 for a day or $40 for the whole three days plus special student admission fee of $5 a day or $10 for the whole three days with a valid student ID card. UP students come for free!
    PPF wants everyone who wants to attend this great event can do so, the general public who are looking for great works of photography, collectors of fine art, new student photographers, advance amateur to seasoned photographers are welcomed to enjoy the great photography and photographers the Fanfaire has lined up. Everyone is welcomed!
    The speakers are Martha Casanave, Ron Cronin, Kerry Thalmann, John Wimberley, David Lorenz Winston and Jerry Wolfe.
    Lectures include: Oregon women photographers from the past to present. Which includes speakers, Carole Glauber, Maro Vandorou, Kathleen Malan Thompson and Cherie Hiser.
    There will be lectures of Art and Law with Attorney’s Bert Krages and Leonard Duboff. A panel discussion on Creativity, PR for artists led by photographer Ray Bidegain and finally a panel discussion of color photography.
    Along with the lower fee is the low cost portfolio reviews offered by Stu Levy, John Wimberley and Jerry Wolfe. Regular 30-minute reviews are $25. And for students, it’s $10 for 30 minutes.
    Added to all this is a Raffle for gifts cards from many of the photography retailers in Portland.
    For more info contact Robert Brummitt at 503-614-0161 or email him at robert8x10@hotmail.com.
    See you
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    Bump - starts tomorrow.



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