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    Cyanotype & Platinum/Palladium Workshops U.K

    I will be starting my workshop programme from November 2007 and it will include separate workshops on Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium printing. They will be held at my home in Cottenham (6 miles north of Cambridge).

    The workshops will be one day either in the week or weekend, which ever is most convenient for the participants. I have deliberately kept the maximum class size down to 2 people as this will facilitate more personal tuition. Both workshops will include all materials such as transparency materials for creation of negatives, printing paper, chemicals, Printing Handbook with cd etc.. and lunch.

    A workshop handbook is provided on the day and covers in detail the following themes, all of which will be addressed on the day.

    1) Introduction: Platinum printing in the 21st Century
    2) Introduction to Digital Negatives
    3) Chemicals needed to create your first Platinum/Palladium Print
    4) Health & Safety
    5) Importance of Keeping Notes
    6) Suitable Papers for Platinum/Palladium Printing
    7) Methods of Contrast Control for Platinum/Palladium printing
    8) Creating your first Platinum/Palladium print
    8.1) Preparing and coating the paper
    8.2) Exposing the coated sensitized paper to Ultraviolet light
    8.3) Developing the print
    8.4) Preparing the Clearing baths and Clearing the print
    8.5) Drying the print
    9 ) Calibrating your own system

    Appendix #1 Article on Digital Negatives#2 Platinum data sheet#3 Chemicals Suppliers & Equipment Suppliers #4 Article on suitable Papers for Platinum/Palladium Prints

    The workshop hand book also includes 2 cd’s

    Workshop cd 1 includes :Platinum printing curves,Calibration images,Step wedges,Examples of platinum prints

    Cd 2 includes : all edited images with correction curves made on the day

    Below shows 2 Participants of the workshop viewing their final prints at the end of the day

    Examples of prints produced on the workshop by participants have included the following

    The Lone Tree,Mark Burley

    Portwrinkle Beach,Mark Burley

    Phil Miller

    Sea Alter,Mark Burley

    Steps, Phil Miller

    Ridge,Phil Miller

    If you are interested and would like further information including the workshop program please email me at davidchow2002@hotmail.com
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    Being a hybrid workshop, I'm going to close this thread and recommend that those interested go here:




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