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    Iron Based Processes or 'Poor Manís' Alt-Process Workshop

    Last week we introduced an exciting new offering to the lineup of workshops being offered in association with the f295 Symposium. It's for both those new to alt-process as well as the more experienced practitioner who is looking to achieve elegant effects using the least expensive of processes. This day long workshop is an in-depth exploration of both cyanotype and van dyke processes (and in use combination) and how different colors and effects can be achieved with the use of toners, different developers, etc. Details below:

    The Iron Based Processes or Poor Man’s Alt-Process!
    Instructor: Jo Babcock

    With the rising cost of precious metals some of us have been seeking ways to maximize our photographic budget. Join instructor Jo Babcock for an in-depth exploration of two of the most accessible and least expensive alternative processes; the Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown. With proper execution each of these processes is capable of rivaling the beauty of a Platinum print. Just because they’re inexpensive don’t misunderstand them to be unsophisticated.

    In this one day workshop we’ll examine both of these fascinating processes and explore various ways in which to achieve stunning results. We’ll begin the day with the Cyanotype process, move to Van Dyke Brown after lunch, and later combine both processes in one print to achieve a uniquely beautiful effect.

    Workshop topics include:
    * The fundamentals of chemistry, paper selection, and necessary tools
    * An exploration of development techniques to achieve color variations
    * An investigation of various toning recipes to achieve a wonderful variations in the color of the final image

    This workshop is for anyone whose interested in achieving beautiful results without large investment. Participants should bring 2 or 3 large format negatives (medium format negatives will also work if a small print is desired). We’ll also have several negatives on hand for use by participants.

    Only 4 slots remaining!!

    More information here >>

    Jo Babcock is the author of the book "The Invented Camera: Low Tech Photography and Sculpture" and teaches alternative processes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He was a featured speaker at the 2007 f259 Symposium.
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    Tom Persinger

    The F295 Historic Process Workbook is now available on Amazon:
    The F295 Historic Process Workbook: 4 Processes, 6 Techniques, 14 Lessons



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