Alternative Photographic Processes
July 18-24, 2010
with Christopher James
at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME USA

For visual artists wanting to explore alternative photographic processes

Participants in this hands-on, group learning experience investigate and experiment with an extensive menu of alternative photographic process techniques. Christopher's alternative process workshops are always a lot of fun and are geared for creative people in all disciplines (especially those with a sense of humor) who wish to "jump start" their artistic energies or add to their artistic "tool-box." This workshop’s goal is to inspire new directions, new options, and new energy for each participant’s unique vision and artistic development.

Among the processes students work with are: cyanotype, cyanotype on fabrics, salted paper process, kallitype, argyrotype, albumen, platinum & palladium, Ziatype, gum bichromate, … as well as multi-process combinations and toning options. Other topics include: large format pinhole photography, digital negative separations for contact printing, hand- applied emulsions on alternative surfaces, and the Lazertran process. Students also have a complete digital negative production set-up in the lab facility for producing contact negatives. While most printing is done in the sun, UV exposure units are available for printing on the rare cloudy or rainy day. This workshop is a lot of fun… so bring work and a sense of humor.

Christopher's new book, The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes: 2nd Edition is used as the text for the workshop and a letter with specific recommendations will be sent to all participants prior to the workshop. For those looking for a full alt pro experience, consider combining this workshop with the Advanced Alternative Processes Workshop the following week. The Workshops can put students in touch with Christopher for answers to any specific questions you may have or you may contact him through his web site at:

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*image courtesy of Christopher James