The current Photographic show at the Vermont Center of Photography is Water this a members show for the month of August. For more info

Explore Southern Vermontís natural splendor in a two-day workshop.

Friday August 27 at 7:30 p.m. and ends on Sunday August 29
Centered around the Brattleboro area, participants will explore Vermontís beauty and character with photographic sojourns through farmlands, streams and charming Vermont villages.
Open to film and digital.
Workshop leader: Dave Usher.
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Getting the Most Out of Large Format October 21- 24, 2010.
This workshop is for experienced large format photographers who want to hone their skills, and for those who are just setting out on the large format adventure. We can also supply cameras and equipment to accommodate those who haven't tried large format photography, but would like a taste before they invest substantial time and resources in equipment and materials. Large format equipment will be available for loan to those who wish it.
Instructors: Richard Ritter and Bruce Barlow
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8 x 10 Kick the Tires Workshop November 11- 14, 2010
While the workshop will introduce photographers to the 8x10 format, it will be a complete Fine Focus Workshop. No large format photography experience is required. You need bring nothing except prints for our print review.

We will provide complete 8x10 camera outfits for each student.
Instructors: Richard Ritter and Bruce Barlow
Space is limited on a first come first in.
For info on space contact Bruce Barlow
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