Unlock the mysteries of coating and printing the most archival of metal-based photography with master platinum printer Ron Cowie. This workshop includes learning how to make negatives with the most effective density range for platinum and palladium printing.

Masterworks of the George Eastman House collection produced by William Willis, Alfred Stieglitz, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Paul Anderson and others will be presented by process historian Mark Osterman especially for this workshop to give individuals the opportunity for close examination.

A booklet of formulas and directions plus facsimiles of vintage literature on the platinum/palladium printing process will be given to each participant.

Audience: Limited to 10 participants, this two-day workshop is suitable for curators, photograph conservators, historians, photographers, artists and anyone interested in the evolution of the photographic print. No experience is necessary for this very hands-on workshop.

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