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    Humanitarian Mission to Cuba for Photographers

    May 20 to 28, 2011
    November 11 to 19, 2011

    Since 1963 the only major contact Cubans have had with the outside world has been through the U.S.S.R. and that ended two decades ago. As a result, the cars, architecture, and attitudes of the people are, to this day, closer to that of the 1950s than that of the twenty-first century. This will change soon and the “land where time stood still” will be drawn rapidly into the modern world.

    Since 2001 I have been legally leading groups to Cuba. My groups travel under a U.S. Treasury license issued for humanitarian purposes. This means that each member must deliver between $10 and $100 worth of over-the-counter medicine and hygiene items (i.e., aspirin, toothpaste) and make a donation of cash ($10 to $100) to the clinic (the amount of medicine and monetary donation is determined by each member). Once we have fulfilled our obligation we have time to look around and photograph until our return flight.

    During our time in Cuba I will provide instruction in street, documentary, night, and architectural photography. I will also be available to answer technical questions about your camera or other aspects of photography either film or digital. This instruction will be available for those who want it. If you are already an accomplished photographer then you may take a taxi or bus and go anywhere you like (I will be happy to make recommendations). We’ll meet up for dinner if you are back in time. I will also be available to direct you to the best jazz clubs, shows, and dance clubs, among other places of interest.

    We will meet and work with some of the best photographers in Cuba. In the morning we will divide into four groups. The Cuban photographers will take you around Havana and show you what interests them. We will meet up for lunch after which each group will work with a different Cuban photographer. Most of my participants form lasting bonds with the photographers (not to mention the friendships formed with fellow members of the group).

    If you wish to see Cuba as it is today, now is the time. Each year the island draws closer to the West. I urge you to bring your camera and travel with me in either May or November.

    The trip is limited to 12 and there are already several places taken. You may register and automatically reserve a place by going to www.anchellworkshops.com and clicking on the date you are interested in traveling (May or November).

    This workshop is for film or digital. For street photography with film I use a Leica M7.

    For more information e-mail info@anchellworkshops.com or call 503.884.3882.

    Steve Anchell has been a working photographer for forty years. He taught street and documentary photography for the International Center of Photography in NYC for five consecutive years. He has also taught street photography in Cuba, Italy, Spain, Los Angeles, and Portland. Steve has written feature articles and interviews for Shutterbug, Rangefinder and many other photo magazines, and was the editor of both Photovision and Focus magazines. He is also the author of The Darkroom Cookbook.
    Steve Anchell
    The Darkroom Cookbook
    The Variable Contrast Printing Manual
    The Film Developing Cookbook
    The Nude at Big Sur


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    Are there any APUG members who've attended prior workshops who would care to comment?



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