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    New workshop by Mark Osterman.

    I just got a note from Mark Osterman at GEH regarding his new workshop on Collodion Chloride paper.

    He asked me to pass the information on to the APUG membership so here it is:

    Collodion Chloride Paper a substitute for Centennial POP!

    So many people tell me that they’re sad that Centennial gelatin chloride POP isn’t available any more.... However, there is a printing out paper you can make for use with gelatin dry plate, wet plate, film or digital negatives that’s a hundred times more stable! And it’s not a difficult process to learn.

    Collodion chloride POP printing paper is not wet plate collodion, there is no silver bath and it’s used dry. It is printed, processed and toned the same way as Centennial [or salt or albumen paper] and can also be used on glass or as a transfer process. In March I‘ll be teaching our first public workshop in making, coating and processing collodion emulsion on paper. We have some spaces open and I really want to reintroduce this process to the photo art community. The class includes formulas, history, theory and inspection of vintage collodion prints. March 14-16th at George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester, NY



    Attached is one of his prints.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails POP for course.JPG  



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