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    New Summer '11 Schedule of Classes and Workshops at Project Basho

    Project Basho is pleased to announce its exciting new schedule of classes and workshops for the Summer '11 season! The first 25 people to register for any class or workshop will receive $25 off their fee.

    We have many great new workshops planned and will be inviting several new instructors including Ed Kashi, Mary Beth Meehan and Ken Collins. Furthermore, we have expanded our class schedule, creating week-long intensives and more weekend classes to accommodate those with busy schedules.

    Featured Summer '11 Workshops

    Gum Bichromate
    by Scott McMahon - Sat & Sun, Jul 23 & 24

    The Personal Project by Mary Beth Meehan - Sat & Sun, Jul 23 & 24

    The Nude: Light & Form by Kevin Martini-Fuller - Sat & Sun, Jul 30 & 31

    Large Format Portraiture
    by Ken Collins - Sat & Sun, Aug 6 & 7

    Take a look at our website for a full listing of our Summer '11 classes and workshops. Sign up soon to qualify for our early registration discount.

    If you have any questions about our offerings do not hesitate to contact us.

    -Project Basho-

    1305 Germantown Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19122
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