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    Modern Daguerreian Methods: A Daguerreotype Workshop with Rob McElroy May 26-28, 2011

    Modern Daguerreian Methods: A Daguerreotype Workshop with Rob McElroy.
    May 26-28, 2011 Buffalo, NY

    Learn the history of the daguerreotype (the world’s first viable photographic process) and the techniques required to make one yourself. This three-day hands-on workshop will be taught by modern daguerreotypist, Rob McElroy, who will demonstrate all of the steps necessary to create a modern mercury-developed daguerreotype. Each participant will perform all the steps themselves (plate preparation, sensitizing, exposing, developing, gilding, archival sealing and framing), beginning with a bare piece of silver-plated copper, and finishing with their very own framed daguerreotype.

    The three-day workshop will take place in Rob's Buffalo, NY studio/gallery, May 26-28, 2011, where participants will learn Rob’s trouble-free modern method of producing a perfectly polished (the key to a great image) daguerreotype plate without the need for tedious hand buffing. Plenty of time will be afforded for creating more than one image, troubleshooting, viewing vintage daguerreotypes, and discussing each participant’s results.

    Rob’s large state-of-the-art darkroom/laboratory, along with his studio — equipped with electronic-flash units powerful enough to expose daguerreotype plates, will make for a convenient and exciting learning environment. Also, there is a half-day trip planned to George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, where participants will get a private viewing of some of the world’s finest daguerreotypes along with the vintage equipment used to produce them.

    A printer-friendly PDF file of the workshop brochure can be found here:

    For more information, or if you want to be notified about future daguerreotype workshops, contact: Rob McElroy at (716) 877-3000 (email: idag@pce.net )
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