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Interesting, the airport is in the low part of the valley, up against the lake. In other words, a dry area.
I can see this as being a matter of perception of the amount of precipitation. A summer thunderstorm drops a quarter inch of rain in a short period -- the streets are dry, then wet, then dry again within minutes. To those inside at the time, it might have seemed not to have rained at all.

Snow on the other hand sticks around. But it takes (on the average) 10 inches of snow to equal an inch of rain...and this figure for snow can vary from about 3 inches to 30" of snow to equal 1" of rain. So if SLC gets a foot of dry snow, that might be less water (precipitation) than in a big thunderstorm in the summer.

Precipitation measurements are in inches of rain, plus inches of water in the snow (not the depth of the snow).

Today, we have snow flakes coming down mixed in with the rain -- at sea level here in northern CA. I did not ride my bicycle to work today.