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The number overlap b/w Foma and Ferrania occurs with their Fomapan b/w films...but Foma might have (wrongly) reused the cassette for their b/w films too.
Any of the Foma made films I have used recently have come in a cassette that looks identical to those used by ferrania. In fact of you peel off the label it (erroniously) says "process C-41" and CP-36 and made in the EU. (I have only been using the 36 exposure rolls of Foma 400/Ultra 400.)

I have been going on the assumption that when Ferrania closed their film production they sold all their stock of cartridges to foma, OR their supplier started selling them to Foma to use up existing stocks. The first batch of film that I received with these also came in Ferrania cans rather then the slightly larger and shinier FOMA cans. The latest batch was back in the foma cans but still in the C-41 cassettes.

Anyone working on this should note that the last digit is standardized to show the number of exposures with 4 meaning 36 and I believe 3 meaning 24. The first digit is makers choice so a private brand might have a different first digit but the middle digits the same.

I have also noted that some film, Fuji in particular uses a string of zeros for the middle numbers for some of their products. I recall the Legacy Pro film being this way.