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The Headliner was such a cool machine. Not only did I actually get paid (by the hour) to use one of those in production work... I owned one later that I bought at a garage sale with more than two dozen font wheels. The device included a motor-driven cassette like container that had three baths, dev/stop/rinse and would run automatically to develop the strip of 35mm standard perf lith paper.

To operate, it was exactly like a Dymo labeler, you spin the wheel to the character you want. Flip a toggle switch to expose, and the advance arm kicked into a slot, cut as deep as the set-width of the character you had just exposed with a little light bulb that sat over the font disk. (Which is about 12 inch diameter acrylic wheel)... Functionally elegant and that developing tank inspired "packrat" in me to keep the gadget much longer than I ever would need it... I always thought I could use it to develop film.
Oh my! Yes I was taught and used one. I also learned the IBM computer photo typesetter. Really space age tools. 1970's style! You get a paper printout strip that was pasted up. It was in a room by itself.