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    Quote Originally Posted by Fintan
    I'd love to know what the annual spend on film/paper/chemicals for each member of APUG. I'd guess its between $250 - $500 on average. If its say $400, then thats almost $3.5 million we spend.
    Hum, over 2,000 UK pounds, (3,500 US) on film alone so far this year and I guess I've bought about ten 100 sheet boxes of paper. What I want to say, though is what's with the tail wagging the dog? We are the dog folks: the market. What happened to the customer is king? It's when the companies impose their will on us that the tail starts wagging the dig.


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    Do not worry too much. It's part of a complete restructure of the market. If you want to play save, buy a digital SLR (e.g. that nice Canon 5-D , 13 Mpix - full frame a.s.o.) and a nice 6 cartridge Epson printer with special inkts and calibration stuff for monitor, printers IT-8 profiles, super Mac or PC on high GHz and do not worrry if you have to replace the whole stuff within 3 years or so. In the time you have all experience how to handle this digital stuff, it's old fashioned, equipment is made for 5 years life time, but in this market that doesn't matter.

    Quick, fancy, modern, impressive, only most manufactureres are forgetting the people behind that camera are making the pictures, not the camera.

    Digital has turned the traditional companies on their head. A lot will go out of businness, simply because their market is shrinking quicker than their management can adapt. Smaller companies and maybe one multinational are able to survive in this type of market.
    Yes, films and paper will go up in price when the analogue market will be stabilized in a few years.
    If Ilford can survive the comming two years, they have the best customers in their market, also Foma, Rollei/Maco, I think Fuji and some other very small players in this market (e.g. Heiland - split grade) some small enlarger manufactureres and (special) chemical suppliers (e.g. Moersch, SPUR) and some traditional camera manufactureres like Leica a.s.o. if they take care what they are doing! Big money to make will be impossible so companies like Kodak are not interested anymore.

    It's impossible to predict and give any guaranty to any APUG member in this community if we are able to survive in this "mess" and will be able to supply our customers with the right materials from the right manufactureres in time without interuption of supplies. Some processes and films will be distontinued so there will be certainly less choice and more or less all this kind of stuff will be sold by specialists only, mainly from the internet in the future.

    If you like film, traditional photography, playing with the wet stuff and have a view in fine art photography, this is one way to go. If you're able to make some vacation shots, X-mas a.s.o. on one film, forget what we are doing, buy that digital camera, put it on e-mail to your family and you can also be happy.

    I am still learning every day, after 38 years darkroom experience (I started very early, 7 y.o.). I am still impressed what some people are doing in their magic darkroom. It's increadible what kind of pictures some of our customers are able to produce. The way how they handle their art and idea's about photography, thinking how they made each picture, the light, the composition a.s.o.: That's the real way how to go on, and NOT just pushing on that digital button and show 800 photo's on a monitor and maybe two or three after an afternoon photoshop work are worthwhile to show on an exhibition.

    Best regards from a small distributor of photomaterials from the Netherlands,
    -sinking in the Rodinal at the moment-



    PS. Personal comments are also welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 127
    Tomorrow is a whole other world...

    "I never think about tomorrow. It will come too fast anyway..."

    Albert Einstein

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