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Thread: My apology

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    Apr 2003
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    My apology

    In last two days I wrote several posts about efke products. I made mistake and I wrote those posts in manner that can be understood that informations I shared I got from Fotokemika, manufacturer of efke products. I want to say next:

    I don't have any informations from Fotokemika whatsoever. All informations I have I found on internet, and from one E_mail I received from one company which sells efke products in Zagreb, Croatia. If anybody thought I have informations from Fotokemyka, my sincere appolgy for misleading.

    So, I want to ask you all to disregard anything I wrote in past few days in my posts about efke products.

    My deep and sincere appology for any possible confusion I could produce with my postings.

    I would also like to thank jandc for warning me about my mistakes.

    I hope I didn't make any damage to anyone in any form. All informations I wrote are correct, but written in wrong manner.

    I will not tell anything more about efke products or anything related to efke products.


    P. S. To moderators: If this post is placed on wrong part of this forum, please, move it to appropriate place.

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    Thank you for making everything clear. I can see where you thought you were just helping out. Sponsers pay money to advertise on this site and it bugs me when I see what looks like an attempt to place free advertising on the site. Accept my apology also for my words against you.

    Best regards,




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