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    Horseman and Rollei MERGE; New Products

    Excerted from British Journal of Photography
    Title: Rollei gets some extra Horsepower Date: 22 March 2006

    Franke & Heidecke, the new company handling Rollei professional, and Komamura, manufacturer of Horseman cameras, have signed an agreement to integrate their products.

    The agreement will mean that photographers using the two ranges of products, which include lenses, digital backs and accessories, will be able to switch between them more seamlessly.

    Among the products that have been integrated are the Horseman LD camera, which was launched last summer (BJP, 10 August 2005); the Horseman SW-D Pro 'pancake'-style shift camera (BJP, 19 October) and the Rollei 6008 AF, claimed to be the world's first auto focus single lens reflex camera in a 6x6 medium format. The latter is now available with a Sinar P20 digital back, editing software and an AF Xenotar 80 mm F2.8 lens. Rollei's X-Act 2 bellows system, which is said to be the first portable medium-format monorail camera with an optical bench, is also to be integrated.

    The companies have also announced plans to jointly distribute medium and large format cameras in the US through a new organisation they have founded called Direct Source Marketing.

    In a separate announcement, Horseman has unveiled a new 3D stereo camera prototype (shown left). This offers 3D images but also has two lenses mounted in a single shutter.

    For more product details visit www.horsemanusa.com, and for Franke & Heidecke products, visit www.rollei.de, or contact UK distributor Robert White on 01202 723046.

    Source: © Incisive Media Investments Ltd 2005
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    I think the title is misleading - they aren't really merging to become one company.



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