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    New High Performance Fujichrome Provia 400X Professional

    Excerpted from the British Journal of Photography

    Title: Fujifilm's colour reversal promise
    Date: 5 April 2006

    Fujifilm will introduce a new colour reversal film this autumn, boasting what it claims to be one of the world's highest levels of grain quality and sharpness. The new Fujichrome Provia 400X Professional has an ISO speed rating of 400 but, says Fujifilm, 'delivers the same vivid colour reproduction and grey balance as that of ISO100 film'.

    Fujifilm adds that the new film is suited to nearly all photographic situations, from landscape and nature to portrait photography, but excels in poor light conditions, offering 'minimal reciprocity-related speed reduction and colour balance variation in long exposures'.

    The Provia 400X adopts new Epitaxial Sigma Crystal technology, which enhances the 'fineness of the emulsion grain'. This supports a Root Mean Square (RMS) granularity of 11, which Fujifilm says is one of the world's highest among ISO400 colour reversal films.

    In addition to this, the film uses the same Multi-Colour Correcting Layer Technology as Fujifilm's Velvia 100, Velvia 100F and Astia 100F film to control inter-image effect. The Provia 400X has also inherited the company's PSHC (Pure, Stable and High-performance dye-forming Coupler) technology from the Velvia 100 and 100F films. This allows the production of 'colours of extremely high purity' by adopting high saturation yellow, magenta and cyan couplers.

    Fujifilm adds that the film supports push/pull processing for exposures ranging from -1/2 stop to + 2 stops, and also boasts improved colour fading resistance.

    It is designed for E6 processing as well as Fujifilm Process CR-56. Pricing and availability for the film is not yet available although it is expected to arrive in the UK some time in the autumn. Visit www.fujifilm.com for information.

    Source: © Incisive Media Investments Ltd 2005
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    Sounds great, go Fuji.

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    Thanks Terrance. This was introduced at PMA last month. Has anyone see it on the shelves yet? I wouldn't mind taking some to Toronto next month.
    Robert M. Teague

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