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    Quote Originally Posted by butterflydream
    Well, I have Rollei Retro films. Nice package and price.
    Packaging is wonderfull and just the thing for aspiring fine-art cognoscentis. Contents..? HIgher cost and inferior to the product we got from Agfa. Agfa did a better job of cutting and used superior materials (other than the box) than Forte. The emulsion is also apparently not 100% identical, despite being sourced from Agfa, to the APX product as sold by Agfa. Moersch's Tanol Speed, for instance, gets 200 ASA from Rollei Retro 100 but only 100 ASA from the Agfa product. Interestingly, the Retro product also solarizes in that developer while APX-100 does not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petzi
    There are two machines afaik, one for paper coating, and one for film coating.

    It is unfortunate that there is not going to be any color film and paper production in Europe in the future. There is some choice for b/w materials, which is great, but with Fuji closing down production of photographic materials in Tilburg, it appears there is nothing left in Europe, unless Kodak still has a factory somewhere (France?)

    Once the color materials production is closed down, it will be gone forever. When the skilled personnel is gone, the machines scrapped, the knowledge forgotten, and suppliers of raw materials out of business, production will never be restarted, because coating color films and papers is so complicated.
    Kodak's French factory closed & production was moved to China but Kodak still make colour paper in the UK. Whether they make film as well here I don't know. There also remains Ferrania in Italy making Solaris and own brand label stuff for supermarkets & photo chains. They are the only remaining source for 126 colour film.

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