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Thread: Blasphemy !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattKing
    Sadly, I guess when I recently used my prism finder on my Mamiya C330, I must have sinned!

    I beg your forgiveness
    Ah, but the prism finder is covered by a joint article shared between the TLR and SLR faith. However, waist level finder worship is strictly controlled by the TLR deuteronomy. Although, some apocryphal texts point to the existence of WLF on SLRs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DBP
    It's cute and whimsical, as one might expect from Minox, which I believe built it.
    Nope. MINOX built NONE of these... all of the so-called "MINOX Classic Collection"--- those taking MINOX 8x11 film cartridges--- were made in Japan through Asanuma for the Megahouse Toy company as Sharan: http://www.sha-ran.co.jp/
    The digital cameras I think had also input from other parts of BANDAI toy company. The film version of the Rolleiflex was very nice. It was only available in Japan as elsewhere Rollei had an exclusive agreeement and so none could move in the MINOX distribution. Asanuma Camera and Mechanical Laboratory (ACMEL) had been distributing cameras for MINOX film for some time. ACMEL and MINOX GmbH are not related, only united in a tradition of 8x11 film. The cameras are made in very tiny numbers in Japan and found a fit in the program of MINOX GmbH and Megahouse. There is a very modest minimum order number to get them to make a series. This is how, for instance, I think the Robot-I miniature was born--- and probably the Rolleiflex. The digital cameras, I think, are made in PR China.
    The cameras, inclusive of the digital take, are very cute and nice, albeit expensive, toys. Performance does not come to levels that one might currently expect from a camera--- film or digital--- but photography are hardly their raison d'être. That said one can get some good photographs from the film camera with a bit of thought.. the triplet on them is not bad at all and film has sufficient lattitude to get away with the 1/250th fixed shutter in the "right conditions"..
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