If you really like this film and find someone that has a large inventory of it then buy as much as you can and buy more freezer space if necessary. The unit cost/roll for shipping should drop markedly I would conjecture in a large order. Maybe you should buy all you can stuff into a Chili Mini-Cooper.

This might also be a good time to try films that appear to being available in the market place longterm..Kodak Tri-xIlford HP5 and Tmax 400 or Delta 400.

It is better to test and find a replacement while you still have your Agfa film available than to find yourself up the creek w/o a paddle. It is worth noting that film and paper should be considered as a unit that works well together. You may find trhat although you..for instance, dislike Tri-X with a given paper with another paper it may really tickle your fancy.