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Has anyone tried the EKFE paper? If so any opinions? What does it compare to?
I have a sort of love/hate relationship with EFKE papers - both Emaks and Varycon. Emaks is the only paper I've ever seen turn greenish in Viradon (old), a rather sickly hue in the highlights when the shadows are deep red. Really weird. The glossy version is also extremely glossy!

Varycon was the paper that convinced me that "minimum time to maximum black" was a dead end. Change "maximum" to "optimum" and start testing all over again...

Sometimes the papers are great, wth the right negative. Other times they just stink, and there's no way I have found to tell how it's going to turn out without trying.

And BTW: Lith-printing with Varycon can be fun - weird pink tones, and sometimes "exploding" with pepper fog!