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    Quote Originally Posted by Bromo33333 View Post
    May be the Kodak of Europe charging more.
    It may come down to that. It could also be that Ilford is discounting their prices to "buy" some market share from Kodak, too.
    I know places where Ilford film costs about the same as Kodak film, with the tendency that Ilford film is a little more expensive.

    With regards to Ilford, I have the impression that the distributor in my country makes a good profit. Ilford films appear to be a little cheaper in the US, where the distributor even has to calculate the duties in.

    The problem that I have with Kodak's distribution chain is, that the Kodak organization in my country does not sell to retailers. I have tried to buy film products from them. They told me they sell only to distributors and gave me a short list of these, but most of these distributors are actually retailers. They also told me that, in fact, they are in the process of terminating all but the biggest accounts. Kodak's policy may contribute to the Kodak film being more expensive in your place. When a retailer has to buy the product from an expensive source other than Kodak, it will be reflected in the retail price. I have heard a story from Great Britain, where a retailer told me that dealing with Kodak had become just too difficult, so they dropped Kodak film altogether...
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