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    Quote Originally Posted by Mackinaw View Post
    I fear for Adray Photo in Dearborn too. While they still have a decent selection of darkroom stuff, film, etc. I can imagine they're also feeling the effects of the internet.
    Hi Jim,

    I talk to them several times a week there and they are doing OK and have placed themselves in a position where they will most likely be the last man standing and be the catch-all for the area. I would most worry about them due to digital sales and not film. Their darkroom is still fairly strong from students. Sales of digital gear is way off I am told.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Bill View Post
    If I was not going into public relations (and enjoying it) and I had the bankroll, I would set up a store like Blue Moon Camera out of Portland Or. in Toronto. Realize you are niche and play up to it, put together a big online presence, with website and social media (like APUG, RFF, Flickr, etc.) and participate in the local arts scene. I know for a fact the margins have to be better than selling Nikon D80's.
    So, there are two us who have heard of Blue Moon Camera in Portland. I was in there a few weeks to pick up an ebay purchased item. Looks the same, meaning that it looks like it could fold up at any time, but it just keeps plugging along in a low rent neighborhood, well off the main drag, with an inventory of whatever used stuff they have found, paying the rent with film/paper sales and processing. Really nice people making it work in a truely niche market. And they have pretty cool, if odd, items on their ebay site.

    A place to support if they have something you can use.

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