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a) This is defintively good news for IR-shooters (o.k., I am not), and kudos to MACO for supplying the b&w-market with such products.

b) I absolutely don't find it fair to devaluate the actual technical resources and competence of Fotokemika, based on unverified stories, only to justify MACO's move from one supplier to another. Efke films are now mostly distributed under the ADOX label, and while MACO had re-labelled a lot of Efkes in the past, I do not think they will do so in the future. But this does not justify the spreading of rumours about "EFKE being not good enough for MACO anymore".

to B) It should be unfair to say the truth? Do you expect seriously, that MACO should specify all the complaints about EFKE? But not really! The customers of MACO received, exactly this disaster, nevertheless, only with the MACO PO 100c film, with which the MACO own-final-inspection had unfortunately shamly failed. Thousands of German photgraphers know this detail, because the PO 100c, was one of the most popular films of MACO. And, MACO would not take, nevertheless, such a successful, popular product voluntaritly from the market, if serious reasons for it are present.