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    Quote Originally Posted by Neanderman View Post
    Very interesting. The plant is still operational and, in fact, is still part of EK:


    I'm guessing you'd have to be talking tons before they'd sell to you. ;-)
    Yes well the gillion tons used in the manufacture of movie film would still make this viable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg_E View Post
    People keep saying that Kodak is entering the digital world too late. In my opinion that can't be more wrong. Kodak has had digital printers for many years with their Encad line. They also make some of the finest CCD and CMOS imagers and the market. Their involvement in machine vision (and other industrial applications) is extremely high, where I believe they have the current market share (might be wrong?). Sony will be the only serious competition to "low end" imagers for the near future. Dalsa is still the competition for the really high end imagers and they (Dalsa) are probably nearly ready to release something new to trump the current Kodak 39MP sensor in all the highest end digital imaging backs. Kodak also makes some of the finest digital dye sub printers on the market, something that they have been making for a large number of years. Their printers are very popular with the digital crowd because they will crank out prints at a very good rate. People that print onsite at events, and portrait packagers love them because of the simple use, and durable product. As far as the "new" Kodak desktop inkjet printers, time will tell, but they are starting off on a bad footing. They are making a multi-color ink cart, so that when you run out of cyan, you need to replace all the other colors too(excluding black). This is something that all the other inkjet companies have mostly abandoned, going to single color per cart designs.

    I know everyone here has a distinctly film bias and that my opinions will label me as a digital heretic, but you really should look around at the other markets where Kodak does have a firm grasp before predicting certain doom. Will the film division survive is a good question, but I don't really see Kodak (as a whole) going away anytime soon.
    I totally agree with you on this. Kodak is in fact jumped in the digital imaging field quite early. They invented the Bayer pattern and the algorithm to process the image in the 70's. They were the first to offer DSLR. They were first to have CCD in the over 1MP range. Kodak failure may be because of its own famous name.

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