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That is the point though. A billion is going to Kodak but 99% is motion picture, so are we the tail that wags the dog? Or will we be discarded? IDK.

And to tell how much Ilford or EFKE are making one would have to look at their profit and loss statements.

Therein lies the problem. An Ilford, Efke, or Foma does not release publicly-accessible financial statements as they are under no obligation to do so. Outside of FujiFilm, I think EK is alone in doing so. And FujiFilm is a considerably more complex animal (they have large business units in TV equipment, consumer electronics outside of photography...even pharmaceuticals) and it would be difficult to analyze the health of the film unit to say the least.

As there is no reliable information that I can use to assess the relative health of any of these makers there is no reason why I am going to deviate from my practice of using the available products that most appeal to me - be they wearing Kodak, Ilford, or some other label on the box.

We can speculate all we want at the proverbial 50,000 foot level about the future of the analog market, but fly a bit lower to discuss the health of all but a couple of companies and you are flying blind without instrumentation.