Yeah, I was always very curious as to why Kodak started with the Portra UC name. When it came out like that I liked it straight away, giving great skin tones with the stronger color that people really responded to, doesn't make much sense to shoot low contrast/saturation (ala NPS/NPH) in Hawaii, people think that looks odd ( it does to me too). I'd used the VC in 160 and 400 in 120 and 35mm but in 35mm it was just too grainy, especially in the middle tones/skin where it was kinda unacceptable. The 160 was better in that area but I mostly need the 400, and the Portra UC 400 was just so much better. I let Kodak know it, especially when they announced they were dropping it, causing panic until they remembered to announce that it was merely dropping the 'Portra' designation. Ooops.