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    I have access to an Imacon, and I have to say that when the focus on that thing is on it is amazing. Nothing like 8000dpi. I have seen prints from 35mm chromes blown up to 6 feet and they still look amazing up close. Can't do that with a digital camera. Very few people can compare like this though. That is why you see all of those reviews on the internet about how film is dead and digital is better. Fundamentally flawed is right. Film contains way more information than digital and its Bayer pattern interpolation.

    For work I shoot digital, but for myself, I shoot film. Years from now I will still have the film and who knows what scanner technology will be available. For black and white, there is nothing like the darkroom and a genuine optical print. Digital still hasn't come close to that.


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    I'm not a big fan of digital in any way shape or form, but the lab I work for has produced some truly stunning images in the hybrid way. Film to start, drum scan (huge drum scans, up to 1.5 GB!) and the output on Kodak Endura. We just finished a 30"x40" of the Beatles walking to the stage at Candlestick Park, scanned from a 35mm Tri-X neg (can you name the photographer ;-) ) and it really looked good. All that being said, I have not had the pleasure of seeing the same neg enlarged to the same size and printed analog on fiber paper. My guess is the image would look a lot better via that method.
    "Everytime I find a film or paper that I like, they discontinue it." -Paul Strand


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