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    Quote Originally Posted by Photo Engineer View Post

    You can cost it out easily just by looking in supply catalogs for the chemistry in an earlier post here. It is beyond the scope of this forum to search out each supplier and list the prices, as they vary so much. I buy almost everything from the Formulary, because I have gotten familiar with their chemicals and the quality is just fine for my work. I can get everything I need in one order that way.

    In fact, Bud had told me earlier that he would be stocking more chemicals for emulsion making, and I now see that he has put that information up on his web site.

    That is really really cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Kadillak View Post
    I simply do not agree with your statement above.

    I have had a number of detailed conversations about this subject with Kodak management and nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that the elimination of the paper business was actually a very positive event from a financial perspective in the sense that it positioned Kodak to consolidated their balance sheet to be in a position to survive and fight another day.

    Yes, I was disappointed as we all were that the paper business did the dirt dance but in the interest in the bigger strategic picture I accept it as a necessary evil and I have moved on.

    Well that's heartening to hear, although most of us don't have the benefit of a relationship with Kodak executives. Other's have alluded to Kodak's PR failure on this issue and it might be good if they were able to convince users of their genuine intention to stick around. I think that about the best thing for film user would be if the film business was split from the rest of Kodak, but that's just dreaming.
    Matt Gorringe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattg View Post
    I think that about the best thing for film user would be if the film business was split from the rest of Kodak, but that's just dreaming.
    Certainly as long as film continues to provide 50% of their gross income.



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