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    Quote Originally Posted by Sal Santamaura View Post
    Kevin, you seem to have a desire for sheet 320TXP to become extinct sooner rather than later, and are determined to "win." I'm not posting in search of a debating triumph.

    I didn't make any point for you. My point was that neither of us has numerical information from which to conclude that sheet 320TXP will be around for another X months/years. Since all this is pure conjecture, why discourage any readers who might be interested in trying this unique product from "discovering" it? The more of them who do, the more Kodak will sell, and the longer it will be available.
    A) I have never wished for any film, even those I have never nor would ever use, to go extinct. Film is a wonderful thing that I wish more people used but I don't see how I would "win" at being realistic about the future of a singular product. On top of which, TXP is probably my favorite film and I would love to afford a larger format camera just so I can continue to use this film. Please do not put words in my mouth or my posts.

    B) Yes this thread is conjecture but conjecture based on previous experience and the ability to read market trends and financial statements.That said, if you are a large-format user participating on APUG, likely you are not going to be swayed toward or away from using a particular product based upon what one person thinks.

    Photomen, I apologize your thread got so off topic but I am done any more posts on this thread. If you have some TXP, by all means shoot it or sell it to someone who will use it.
    Once a photographer is convinced that the camera can lie and that, strictly speaking, the vast majority of photographs are "camera lies," inasmuch as they tell only part of a story or tell it in a distorted form, half the battle is won. Once he has conceded that photography is not a "naturalistic" medium of rendition and that striving for "naturalism" in a photograph is futile, he can turn his attention to using a camera to make more effective pictures.

    Andreas Feininger

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    I've got a few rolls of Panatomic-X 120 for only $75.00 a roll, they are original and in the unopened boxes. No guarantee of quality for these due to the age but what the hey they are an original and nothing compares. Free shipping!
    Everytime I find a film or paper that I like, they discontinue it. - Paul Strand - Aperture monograph on Strand

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