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See, I thought that all people who used plates where mixing their own emulsions up, which again shows my ignorance. Thanks for letting me know.
Hi Kevin,

I think I see a couple of layers of confusion here. Not your fault -- there's some overlap in the historical naming of things.

In the beginning, there was wet plate collodion. The practitioners did (and still do) take clean, uncoated pieces of glass out in the field and coat them on the spot. This was (and still is) a nuisance, so many attempts were made at 'dry plate' collodion -- without much luck. When gelatin dry plates came along it revolutionized photography, not unlike what has happened with digital. Today, alternative process photographers differentiate between 'wet plate' (meaning collodion) and 'dry plate' (meaning silver gelatin). Both are coated by hand, the difference being whether it's in the field or in the darkroom. The Agfa plates of silver gelatin dry.

Hope that's clearer than mud